Friday, 23 September 2016

Tales from the express - Encounter 2: Killer and Shard

They met on his last contract. Being asked to retrieve another fancy artifact that would make a bunch of rich strangers even richer, he set out to that absurdly protected pavilion and did his best. He was sick of doing his best.
After bashing his indestructible skin through more rows of reinforced crystal glass, as well as giving every guard an extreme change of appearance, the mission objective was reached. He deposited the strange chunk of unknown mineral in his chest compartment and left just as subtly...
No day was the same from that point. The bounty was never turned in, and he was now running away from many dangerous folks. He, a former heartless mercenary, was running away from his old ways.. It was the Shard that made him change. Whatever that artefact was doing inside him, he kept on running to this new life, because a change is what he wanted the most..

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