Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tales From The Express - Time for a new journey...

There was a time when I believed in Endings...I believed that things would just stop from happening and that's it. But Endings hide greater notions. All things that stop will inspire new ones to start, so I wouldn't even call it an "Ending"... More like "Change".

So now, with these ten members and their stories gathered up in the Express, I will take off to new lands of creativity, having all that happened as a fuel for all this Change.

The Tales From The Express series will certainly continue, but in whole new forms that my exquisite passengers still keep a secret...

These 10 members and their stories can still be found in the Express Tales page, as well as lurking in my FacebookTwitterPatreon, and Instagram...

Until the Express finds a new station, I want you to travel... and then make sure your mind travels more.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

We Are Creative - No, really, we are.

A while ago, while I was walking around in the Art & Design college building where I study, I saw this nice sign:

It says "We Are Creative"... The message has a good impact, but to be honest, I considered the sign quite contradictory. Should I ask why there's such an awesome message on a blank surface?

However crazy it may sound, I wondered how all this would look with a splash of colour all over it... But since I am not a big fan of vandalism in fully monitored areas and later scrubbing off the property damage, I called upon the more innocent Brush Tool and did this:

That looks better, doesn't it? If you have other cool designs for this fellow, or your own kind of blank signs, don't hesitate to use the digital medium and go Creative... Because you are.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Temporal Eskimos

I finally put together my Contextual Studies project, where the task was to draw 7 characters in popular cartoon styles throughout the ages. For my piece, I focused on the main style conventions from each age, as well as taking entire face and body features from all possible characters, ranging from He-man to Bubbles Powerpuff... But without no further ado, here's the Snowstorm of Time and all of its Eskimos...

Monday, 14 November 2016

My Pokemon Mash-up challenge entry

I just submitted my entry to Draw With Jazza's Pokemon Mash-up challenge! (You can find more about that here). Without further ado, here's my finished and slightly sinister combination of Gastly and Parasect:

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Tales From The Express - Encounter 10: Tentacles of Evil

It was so easy to gain the title of "Monster"... After a while I even identified with it, even though no-one around could precisely define it. But I am a Monster: I am curious about problems that the society hides. I hurt feelings when I tell people their ugly future, and that it's no-one but them who have the power to change it. I am Evil because I also break boxes after thinking outside of them. In short, I am called Evil because my tentacles run too deep... But I wouldn't be called anything if I kept them curled up.
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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Project Progress - Time Eskimos

For my Contextual Studies project, I worked on 7 illustrations of a same character drawn in popular art-styles of the 1920's, 50's, 70's, 80's, 90's, present day and ten years in the future... Since the final piece is still pretty top-secret, I thought I would share with you the initial sketches for each part:

Be sure to stay tuned for the final drawings!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pokemon Mashup Challenge - work in progress!

I decided to take part in Draw With Jazza's challenge of this month, particularly a Poke-Mashup. (You can find out about that here). For my entry, I randomly picked 3 or 4 pokemon pairs and then chose the wackiest and most fitting one... And the winners were Gastly and Parasect!

And here is how my illustration looks in rough shapes:

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Tales From The Express - Encounter 9: Brave Little Warrior

Some of the villagers say he is completely insane. Some say he's just a funny little bloke with way too much self-esteem... I would say he's our Hero. Even though no-one in this region would doubt that, it's still a bit tricky to get around his...physical appearance. But of all, his craziest trait is probably his way of thinking: I heard him call the Giant, Villager-Eating Hounds something like "fluffy-pups"... and then still successfully get rid of them all. Maybe those silly names help him, you know? In the end, one rumour is certain: he has been too foolish to listen that it's impossible for a little warrior to face such big tasks... So he completed all of them anyway.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

College 3D Lesson: I can build BMO!

This was the first time I ever touched a serious 3D software (apparently Lego Digital Designer doesn't count) and it was amazing! As an introductory lesson to Cinema 4D I was expecting to learn how to make a cuboid shape, but I didn't consider THIS particular (and cute) cuboid shape.

Even though it doesn't yet have legs, arms and the face guaranteeing his charm, I still think it's a nice and ingeniously coloured design. And the smooth, rendered version of it proves that fact even more:

I'm starting to think that "BMO from Adventure Time" might actually be a good answer to many of the problems in today's education. Apart from role-model matters, of  course. This tiny console surely knows how to party...