Friday, 16 September 2016

independent projects stick on

Still being in a phase of the college that mainly focuses on dealing with independent work and getting accustomed to the rhythm of it, I just figured out I could use this time to get on with some..unfinished business.. Have no worries, there are no mobster operations involved, but I will instead try and finish the dialogue for my next story-based game, "Lemonless".
Unfortunately no other information can be disclosed until the release :), apart from dialogue samples that I will post right now in order to show the process...

In the original asset-making part of the game (before adding the programming), I came up with a really vague dialogue just so I would know what the characters Should say... Now, it's a bit more dizzying since I have to pay attention to the personality, attitude and many more features for each of them. But that is a really fun thing to do as well, and I'm also encouraged by the fact that the programming is done and the game is otherwise fully-functional, so it is only a matter of well-chosen words...

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