Saturday, 19 November 2016

We Are Creative - No, really, we are.

A while ago, while I was walking around in the Art & Design college building where I study, I saw this nice sign:

It says "We Are Creative"... The message has a good impact, but to be honest, I considered the sign quite contradictory. Should I ask why there's such an awesome message on a blank surface?

However crazy it may sound, I wondered how all this would look with a splash of colour all over it... But since I am not a big fan of vandalism in fully monitored areas and later scrubbing off the property damage, I called upon the more innocent Brush Tool and did this:

That looks better, doesn't it? If you have other cool designs for this fellow, or your own kind of blank signs, don't hesitate to use the digital medium and go Creative... Because you are.

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