Saturday, 5 November 2016

Tales From The Express - Encounter 9: Brave Little Warrior

Some of the villagers say he is completely insane. Some say he's just a funny little bloke with way too much self-esteem... I would say he's our Hero. Even though no-one in this region would doubt that, it's still a bit tricky to get around his...physical appearance. But of all, his craziest trait is probably his way of thinking: I heard him call the Giant, Villager-Eating Hounds something like "fluffy-pups"... and then still successfully get rid of them all. Maybe those silly names help him, you know? In the end, one rumour is certain: he has been too foolish to listen that it's impossible for a little warrior to face such big tasks... So he completed all of them anyway.


  1. I really love the design of this character but I also find his story inspiring :) Nice work!