Friday, 5 May 2017

Royal Playtime

I started working on the pages of my choose-your-own adventure comic, "Braver Prince". The wildest part will be in picking the colour schemes, since there will be lots of elements that need to fit together well. For the sake of the composition, I chose to keep the palette of this first shot simpler by using the same base colour on the crown, castle, frisbee and picnic table (which would also mean they are made of the same material. Weird).

I decided to keep the prince red because of how it would complement the environment, instead of what colour would best characterize him. Since he is young and care-free, the most philosophical choice would have been yellow or light orange, but it looked bad in the environment and red would be the second best choice.

The same rules apply to the puppy, but I didn't want to make them the same colour. As a result, the dog's colour became a variation of the prince's colour, and it also fits the character very well.

For this project, I want to push the art-style to something more strong than subtle. With this in mind, I will need to remind myself to crank up the saturation on that lime green while still keeping the colours in balance...

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