Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beginning of a Prince's Quest

The legendary College Final Show is approaching and ambitious projects are being prepared... For mine, I knew I wanted to make an awesome illustration, but this might mean that my game-design side wouldn't be exploited at all... so to solve this I will be making a Playable Illustration!!

It does sound funny more than it sounds fun, but the recipe for it will actually be quite easy. It will be a choose-your-own-adventure game, in the form of a comic with multiple paths. Since this will have a lot of little narrative branches going in different directions, it will all be laid out on a really big poster.

The art-style of this project will be simplistic, with the biggest focus on Shapes and page composition. The colours will be bright and punchy in order to give an impact. I won't reveal much of the story for now, but the image below showcases the main character and a couple of usable ideas for the world.

I will post all concepts and work in progress over on my Instagram @andreas0express, so you can keep in touch with how this develops.

The big updates will also be posted here, so I'll see you next time... :)

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