Friday, 10 February 2017

Across the green snow

After the red Eskimo was done, I started drawing the majestic snowy landscape. Based on a quick sketch, I outlined all of the basic shapes in Illustrator, paying attention to how the layers are structured. For instance, each lighter inside of the mountain shapes is placed in a layer above their respective mountains. Once I got the basic shapes covered, it looked like the following:

It still had the black outline that is not going to be present in the final piece, and most of the shapes were the same colour because of how fast I jotted them down. At this point, the focus was to find an interesting colour tone and make the shapes distinct from one another. After several iterations, it came to this:
With this, I already managed to get a lot of the final piece done. The colours were balanced and the black strokes were removed, while still leaving quite enough contrast. I decided for the mountains to be a greenish turquoise, so the colours would better contrast with the red Eskimo. For the next step, A bit of texture will be added in the mix.

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