Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Game Project - Ship Ship

For the game design project, I decided to rely on an idea that has been sitting and gathering dust for a while. I had an idea of a top-down shooter in which the main character would first equip two "modules" that will increase some of its stats. I wanted those modules to be boxes, which didn't really fit with the human-like character (why carry a box on the side of your backpack to increase your firerate?), so for this renewal I thought of something way more functional...

A Spaceship.

With a ship, the dragged-in modules make way more sense.

So I have a top-down shooter game, starring a spaceship, with equippable modules influencing its stats.

After some designing,  drawing and coding:

Although it works properly, it still needs some graphic refinement on the enemies and of course, the background.

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