Friday, 13 January 2017

3D Sandwich Skills...

For my first actual 3D animation, I knew from the start that it's a more complicated form of production, which will need to be dealt with really pragmatic and straightforward. I needed something with a fixed set of art assets, that can provide a predictable workflow and will be quick and easy to animate, so... Sandwich.

With a storyboard in place explaining the order of the actions, I took care of drawing and modelling all of the ingredients... I also decided to not give them any complicated textures because of the art style I want the animation to have. At that point it was fun to guess the perfect colour for each type of food, since it had to suggest all of the spots, lines, bits and any other visual aspect, but in a flat colour.
After the art assets were all covered, I went on animating it, following the script and doing tiny adjustments on the way as needed.
As I'm writing this my animation is being rendered, with Cinema 4D applying its light-and-shadows computer magic to every shot, turning it all into a video... And that process should be done relatively soon...

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